Free Startup Business Consultancy

Write us if you need free consultancy about your startup. You can ask any thing and take guidance  regarding your Startup.

Startup Life Cycle Consultancy:

Provide consultation to aspiring entrepreneurs about their Startup business. Ideation, Business Model, Revenue Model, MVP & Proof of Concept, Go to Market Strategy, Customer Acquisition, Pivoting, Growth Strategies and Bootstrapping to Fund Raising are the core areas of our startup consultancy services.

Product Management Consultancy: 

Technology: Analyze gaps and devise bridging between engineering teams and all other parts of the organization.
Design: Enable design  teams to take required results by usage metrics and building customer empathy through online channels, one-on-one interviews, and shadowing exercises to observe, listen, and learn how people actually use and experience products.
Business: Business Strategy, Portfolio prioritization, Go to Market, Pricing , Tracking  KPIs and Financial Metrics.

HR & Recruitment Consultancy

Building brand that attract talent. Determine the best methods for sourcing qualified candidates. HR consultancy covers employment law, contracts, policies, compensation and benefits, learning and development, performance management, organisational design and coaching.

Community Development Consultancy: 

Define mission for community, conversation platform, coaching people engagement activities.

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